Chavutti Thirumal - Rope massage by foot pressure. A unique treatment that is rarely found in the UK. By using the feet to deliver long sweeping strokes along and across the body, tension and knots are ironed out. Long sweeping strokes along the Meridian lines from the fingers to the toes. This ancient art of healing will aid you to relax and release your creative blockages and psychological blockages. Increases flexibility, helps with back tension, stiffness of joints, muscular pain. 'Like having yoga done to you'. 1hr (longer can be given on request).

Full Body Massage - By tapping, cupping, kneading, increases the vital energy flow from head to foot (Prana-Life energy). Long deep reassuring strokes, using hands and no hands aids in providing a boost to the immune system. Invigorating. 1hr

Marma massage - Marmas (energy points), are the meeting points of the five organic principles:- muscle, vessels, ligaments, bones & joints. By gently circling, rubbing and pressing on the Marma points, this treatment works on balancing energy, through releasing toxins and blockages throughout the body. 1.5hr

Abhyanga - Full body oil massage; revitalises the tissues and cleanses the body. Aids in healthy joints & ligaments, and nourishes the nerves. Enhances tissue growth promotes strength relaxation and sound sleep. For women, the belly area is also massaged, for aiding in weight loss and toning. Great for pacifying Vata. 1.5hr

Pina Sweda - Herbal Compress - Pummelling massage. Using a bolus (muslin cloth is tied around a mixture of herbs and spices.Warming oil is applied to the body using the bolus and pummelled over the body. Nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating, this is a great treatment for sport enthusiasts as it addresses problems such as weak joints and sore muscles, arthritis, inflamed muscles, great for Vata dryness and anti-inflammatory. 1hr


Mukhabhyanga - Face massage with oil. Working on the face, neck and head, this is a remedial therapy where firm pressure lifts facial muscles. Massage to marma points increases energy flow and is also beneficial for problem lines and wrinkles. 30mins


Padabhyanga - A de-stressing and relaxing traditional ayurvedic foot treatment which starts with firm massage of the lower leg, followed by manipulating marma points in the sole of the foot. Good for after flight, for relaxation, vitality, blood circulation, general wellbeing and mums-to-be.

Yoga Schedule

Alison's classes are appropriate for all levels, whether you have an existing yoga practice or not.


Monday - 10:00am-11:30am
Kundalini Yoga - all abilities
The Hub, St Peters Church
Call 07900 335968 to book

Monday - 12:00pm-1:00pm
Chair Based Yoga
The Hub, St Peters Church
Call 07900 335968 to book

Wednesday - 6:30pm-8:00pm
Kundalini Yoga
Belmont Community Centre
Eastholme Ave, Hereford
Call 07900 335968 to book

On-site yoga 
for businesses, events and festivals
Call 07900 335968 to book

Massage Schedule

Monday - from 11:30am
at The Clover Mill, 
Malvern WR13 5NR
Call 01886 880859 to book

Day and time  can be arranged, depending on availability.
at Bridges Community Centre, 
Monmouth, NP25 5AS 
Call 07900 335968 to book

On-site massage

for businesses, events and festivals
Call 07900 335968 to book

If you are unsure what massage is right for you, give me a call and we can talk through your requirements


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